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JANUARY 19th TO JANUARY 24th 2011 VENUE: Genotypic Technology, Bangalore, INDIA


TWO Day NGS work shop (NGS applications, Lab Demos and Basics of NGS analsyis for Biologists) are conducted on a regular basis.. Sign-up to register/notified about future workshops.

Genotypic Technology is conducting an extensive hands-on Workshop on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) from January 19th to January 24th, 2011. This will cover sample/ library preparation, DNA target capture using Agilent SureSelect TM (On-array and In-solution capture), Sequencing on Illumina GAIIx and comprehensive training in Sequence Data Analysis. Experts from Genotypic, Illumina and Agilent Technologies are coming together to train the participants in this cutting edge technology. All NGS applications will be covered but the emphasis will be on Human Exome Capture and Sequencing and Whole Genome Sequencing of Microbial/ Small genomes.

For Selected Participants:

1.) Schedule for the Workshop.

2.) Emergency Contact Numbers.

3.) Directions

*Participants can get a small genome (<20 Mb) or human exome sequenced FREE while they learn*

Outline of the 6 - Day Workshop



  • Hands- on LAB Sessions Constructing Genomic DNA libraries for NGS sequencing- (Illumina platform)

  • Quality Control of Prepared Libraries.

  • Cluster generation using cBot.

  • Target Enrichment of Human Exome– using Agilent SureSelect TM (On-Array and In- solution Capture)- Quality Control of Enrichment by qPCR

  • Sequencing using Illumina GAIIx, PE module.

  • Hands- on Sequence Informatics: Feasibility study of target region resequencing

  • Design of Capture Array and RNA Baits (Agilent's e-Array and pearl codes from from Genotypic)

  • QC of NGS sequence data, (using SeqQC version 2.1).

  • Primary sequence analysis using Illumina pipeline software and public domian tools, visualization by Genome Studio and public domian tools.

  • Secondary and Advanced Analysis: Variation scoring-SNPs, InDels, SNP annotation and matching to dbSNPs. Genome mapping (circular and linear maps) of microbes

What kind of samples can be sequenced during this Workshop for FREE*?

  • One bacterial or fungal genomic DNA for Whole Genome Sequencing.


  • One Human genomic DNA for Whole Exome (All exons) Capture and Sequencing- (Targeted resequencing).

* Samples meeting QC requirements have to be shipped ahead of time prior to Workshop as per instructions provided after registration and selection of final participants

Who could attend this Workshop?

This Workshop is ideally suited for scientists who have either worked in NGS or are planning to use NGS in the near future.

Registration Process:

Interested participants can register by filling and submitting the form.

The final date for registration is December 18th 2010.

Since there are very limited number of openings available, participants will be selected and intimated through email along with detailed agenda.

Registration Fee for the 6 day workshop including Human exome capture/sequencing or Whole Genome Sequencing:

For Indian Participants: INR 37,500
For Overseas Participants: USD 950

* Registration fees is inclusive of library preparation and sequencing of the sample you bring (described above)

* Registration fees is exclusive of the accomodation, breakfast and dinner (assistance will be provided by Genotypic).

Registration Fee for the 2 day workshop:

For Indian Participants INR 9500

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Hands on NGS Lab & NGS ANALYSIS - 6 DAYS Workshop. (Januray 19th - 24th 2011)

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Registration form not working??? send an e-mail to: OR Phone +91 9008491839, +91 80 40538215

Workshop Sponsors:

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Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd.
NGS Lab, Floor #2,
#2/13, Balaji Complex, 80 Feet Road,
R.M.V.2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560094
Tel: +91 80 40538223, +91 80 40538300

Workshop Coordinator:

Vikram Subramanian
Business Development Manager
Phone : +919008491839
Tel: +91 80 40538225